Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finding good, high quality tutorials can be a challenge. Sure, you can do a Google or Youtube search and weed through the results but this method can be frustrating and inefficient at times.
Whether you are just looking for inspiration or are desperate to figure out how to achieve an effect before your rapidly approaching deadline. The sites I’ve compiled here have been selected on their consistent quality and the coverage they give to a wide range of topics.

This collection of tutorial sites is an amazing resource for finding some of the best tutorials on many aspects of design. The collective currently includes:

    This is a very helpful site if you need to find video tutorials on aspects of designing. These are extremely professional videos that are easy to watch, clear and educational. A great deal of information is packed into these videos without getting confusing or overwhelming.

    The tutorials and code examples here are amazing. He includes the source files and offers great freebies. This is a great collection of web-design and coding articles with specific regards to jQuery, CSS and html.

    This useful in its shear magnitude. The tutorials are listed from different tutorial sites so the quality varies but there are so many that you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.

    The number one reference for learning just about any scripting or coding. Whether you’re just starting out or need reference for your project or want to validate your code this is a top notch site.

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